Missions and values

With its operations spanning the worlds of medicine, materials and digital technology, Thuasne creates and distributes medical devices enabling all patients and consumers to become active players in their own health. Its values - or “character traits - ensure that it has the capacity to succeed in its missions.

Thuasne has set itself the missions of providing:

  • Patient care, via innovative medical devices that offer made-to-measure healthcare solutions appropriate to contemporary lifestyles;
  • Patient autonomy, so that they can take control of their own health;
  • Patient freedom, by expanding the choices available to them and increasing their mobility and well-being.

Its “character traits” have demonstrated their worth since the Group was created in 1847:

  • Durability : with each generation, the company continues to build its long-term development;
  • Agility : it is capable of constantly adapting and continuously reinventing the Group’s economic model;
  • Frugality : it concentrates all its available resources on investment and always favours self-financing.