Starting out from its initial area of expertise - the production of high-quality elastic fabric - Thuasne has built up a flexible and reactive industrial operation.

Supported by a broad variety of human skills, Thuasne has chosen the path of total integration, from thread production to the finished product. This strategic choice means that it can meet the demands of today’s markets, with production facilities capable of handling very large production runs or creating made-to-measure products.

From mass production to made-to-measure

Thuasne has full command of every phase in the industrial process, from thread production to the manufacture of the finished product. It uses a variety of technologies: yarn covering, weaving, knitting, coating, welding, assembly, silicone, moulding or forming of special metals. It has the capacity to mass produce but also to industrially manufacture made-to-measure products involving a high level of precision.

Our figures:

  • 14 industrial sites in Europe and the USA;
  • 15 million kilometres of thread and 5,000 kilometres of fabric per year.

Efficient logistics guaranteeing the reliability of delivery times

Thuasne’s performance is based on very precise projections in order to determine production schedules. The professions supporting the company’s logistics bring together all the skills required to forecast orders and plan activities. Customer relations are central to the process: Thuasne favours direct contact with customers via services located in the majority of countries where the company is present.

Our figures:

  • More than 10,000 orders processed per day around the globe;
  • 99% of orders available within 24 hours in France.