Custom orthotics

Central fabrication of custom bracing solutions that functionally and visually make a quality statement to your referring physicians. That’s what we do, every day. Given the volume and diversity of custom specialty braces we manufacture, Townsend has developed a level of proficiency that is difficult for O&P providers to replicate in their own shop. We fabricate carbon graphite KAFOs, AFOs and specialty knee braces for your most challenging, complex patients. You can count on our manufacturing team to help optimize each patient’s mobility and quality of life. Our authentic custom carbon graphite orthoses feature Townsend’s intricate fabrication process and exclusive technology.​

Proudly distributed in Australia by OPC Health Pty Ltd ​

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The cervical vertebrae

The vertebrae forming the cervical spine support the head and allow the neck to move. The main conditions affecting this highly sensitive zone of the body are related to injuries or joint degeneration.

Spinal deviations

From the cervical vertebrae to the lumbar vertebrae , the normal curvature of the spine can be deviated. Scoliosis, hyperkyphosis or hyperlordosis can be present from birth or develop following a disease. But much more often, they develop without any known cause during growth.

Low back pain

Pain in the lumbar spine, or low back pain, is very common: 60 to 90% of the adult population have already suffered from it! Contrary to popular belief, prolonged rest is not a treatment and can even result in the condition becoming chronic.