Our vision

Today’s patients are “actients”, active players in their own treatment and health. Thuasne is determined to support them, by proposing appropriate and innovative treatment solutions.

A strong commitment to the health ecosystem

Thuasne forges close links with health professionals from a broad range of fields: doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, podiatrists, pharmacists, orthopaedic specialists or orthotic and prosthetic practitioners, etc. Thuasne thereby addresses the main families of diseases and conditions in the context of a health economy giving greater priority to prevention and treatment compliance.


Innovation to support well-being

Design and innovation are central to Thuasne Group’s strategy. They are key differentiating factors underpinning the same objective: conceive and design products that match patients’ needs.


A focus on people

This commitment, shared at every level of the company, implies a mindset and a determination for perpetual renewal, with a constant focus on individuals, customers, patients and employees. Thuasne launches 30 to 40 new product references each year to address market needs.


Digital technology and connected health for tomorrow’s health

Offering stakeholders digital platforms hinged around a specific therapeutic field creates genuine proximity with patients. Connected medical devices and dedicated digital services, developed in partnership with innovative MedTech-sector start-ups, offer personalised medicine and high-quality health.