Biflex 17 + Strong Graduated
Biflex 17 + Strong Graduated

Biflex 17 + Strong Graduated

Biflex 17 + Strong Graduated

Long-stretch graduated elastic compression bandage
Two-ways elastic bandage. Elastic in length and extensible in width.
Precise and repeatable control of the tension exerted thanks to the
fitting indicator. Multiple overlappings possible to achieve multiple
pressures level. 150.9% maximum stretch.(1)

(1) Internal test report 2017-064 D.


Alternative to compression stockings (15-36 mmHg) for varicose veins.
Chronic oedema.
Post-traumatic oedema.
After sclerotherapy or surgery of varicose veins as an alternative to compression stockings.
Alternative to compression stockings for trophic disorders (dermatitis/lipodermatosclerosis).
Venous leg ulcers (multitype bandaging, elastic bandage for patients with reduced mobility).
Symptomatic treatment of deep or superficial acute venous thrombosis.
Alternative to compression or antithrombotic stockings.
Post-thrombotic syndrome prevention: alternative to compression stockings for high-risk patients.
Treatment of lymphedema

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