Silima® Xtra
Silima® Xtra

Silima® Xtra

Silima® Xtra


Flexible partial breast form for low volume compensation with safety plus due to conformable adhesive pads



  • Breast pithesis with adhesive system
  • Perfect fit on the skin and in the bra
  • Whether below the breast or on the side, the soft partial breast forms ensure a perfect appearance after breast-conserving surgery or with varying breast volume
  • Missing volume in the upper part of the breast is replenished by the push-up effect from below or from the side. In case of volume deficits in the area of the breast tip, e.g. after breast reconstruction, the smaller sizes are ideal
  • Thanks to special, medically proven adhesive pads for Silima® Xtra, everything stays securely in place in the bra and does not show. The skin-friendly adhesive pads can be worn over a longer period of time and can be purchased as needed. This means that Silima® Xtra also has a long service life in its function as an adhesive breast support.
  • The flat tapered side edges and the soft material nestle gently and naturally against the breast, without visible transitions
  • The matt outer foil supports the natural look
  • Silima® Xtra can be worn in any well-fitting bra, even without adhesive pads, either on the right or left side.
  • The scope of delivery of Silima® Xtra includes the adhesive pads and cleaning agents. The individual components can be ordered separately

Indication and intended use

  • Silima® breast forms and Silima® compensating breast forms give you a natural, cosmetically and visually harmonious appearance as well as appropriate weight compensation after breast surgery (mastectomy, breast-conserving surgery, reconstruction) once the surgical wound has healed completely and radiation therapy has been completed.
  • Shape and size are determined by the anatomical conditions.
  • Consistency, elasticity and movement characteristics are very similar to those of the natural breast.
  • All materials used are tested for skin compatibility.

Sizes: 1 - 4

Item no.: 66 107


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