Ligaflex® Manu

Ligaflex® Manu

Immobilisation: rigid, anatomical, and conformable palmar and thumb stays restrict wrist and thumb joints movements.
Comfort: aerated lining for comfortable wear.
Ease of adjustment: dual strap system ensures even compression.

Available in right or left model.


Thumb sprain.
Wrist and/or thumb sprain.
Non surgical scaphoid fracture.
Non surgical wrist fracture.
Post-operative or post-traumatic wrist/thumb immobilisation.
Wrist and/or thumb tendinopathies.
De Quervain tenosynovitis.
Rheumatoid arthritis.
Lateral epicondylitis.
Conservative treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Thumb/wrist osteoarthritis.
Neuro-muscular impairments (contracture, hand drop or spasticity…).