Mobiderm Standard Mitten

Mobiderm Standard Mitten

Standard mobilising garments

Mobiderm Standard garments are recommended for:
Mild to moderate lymphoedema.
Regular limb shape.
Stable lymphoedema volume.

Mobiderm(1) technology efficiency(1).
Quick delivery(2).

(1) Mestre -Intérêt du manchon de compression nocturne auto-ajustable Mobiderm Autofit dans la phase de
maintien du traitement du lymphoedème du membre supérieur: l’étude pilote Marilyn-Support Care Cancer
(25:2455–2462) -2017.
(2) Compared to Made-To-Measure products.


Mobiderm mobilizing garments are indicated for the maintenance of the reduction in lymphedema swelling.
Target population: adult patients and children suffering from indicated pathologies and compatible with the size table.

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